INI meaning “IDEAZ N INNOVATIONZ” is the paraphrase that propels our day to day conduct and empowers the way we constantly work towards creating value in the services we offer to our clients and partners.

Driven by entrepreneurs with diverse business backgrounds and vertical know-how, INI is a platform united some common thoughts- to create business solutions which have local flavor but global appeal, solutions which cater to resolving business crunching bottlenecks without creating new ones, solutions which use the breaking edge technologies but are ergonomic, intuitive and easy flowing, hence ready to adopt or ready to market.

Our focus is precise with regards to the verticals we work in, the platforms we work on, paradigms we work with which enables us to deliver more than what we are expected and meet business milestones again and again.

INI is a pure play global product development, consulting and BPO services company, offering a portfolio of diverse solutions and services. Globally, INI partners with Independent Software Vendors, Start-ups and Marketing/Consulting firms through a unique joint-venture model to create a dedicated virtual offshore subsidiary complemented by highly skilled product engineering experts-on-demand. We partner with software companies for product development by aligning technology and competency based domain excellence centers that drive long-term value to our clients.

INI specializes in conceptualization, architecture, building and maintaining Loyalty Programs, Retail Solutions and Travel Portals. It has a rich experience in the form of close associations with the aviation and retail industry in India for over half a decade and aims to leverage it vertical know-how and broad-base competencies to deliver value-based solutions to emerging enterprises.

The services offered by us include, but are not limited to:
· Product Conceptualization
· Product Realization
· Product Testing/QA, Migration & Testing
· Product Maintenance & Support
· Product Extension

  INI’s mission is to partner with the emerging global enterprises to help them bring great products, solutions or services to market cost effectively and help them sustaining the value by constant endeavors in improvisation and tactical implementation strategies. Every enterprise is an entity and to grow, needs well defined values and principles which combine knowledge with a business philosophy to create a well defined path to success.  
We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards, always honoring our commitments. We take personal responsibility for our actions, and treat everyone justly, with trust and respect.

We recognize that the competitive advantage of any enterprise is, and always will be, people. We continuously learn and collaborate on knowledge. We believe influence should be based on technical competence and knowledge.

Clients are Partners
We have never thought clients as customers who will have just a buy/sell relationship with INI. Each client for us is an association which fostered well would reap benefits for us as well as them. This thought propels us to display ownership in our work, rhyme best with their needs and provide the perfect bespoke services to address them.


At INI, we believe a software solution is delivered, when it is blended into the enterprise and achieves the purpose intended.

We’ve been in the business to understand that the important properties of success in the economy are a business vision and an ability to leverage that vision so that it translates into a service of economic impact. Technology is easy to duplicate, but identifying a business model that succeeds is not.

We have well established Industry oriented solutions in Aviation & Retail, Intelligence Centers and deep technology as well as process understanding to offer quality off shoring services on a Build-Operate-Transfer or Build-Operate-Maintain-Merge model by the way of Dedicated Offshore Centers for mature and startup ISVs.