We bring in strong domain knowledge in the Aviation industry through our experience with the India’s leading airlines and travel portals. We have derived deep insights both into the business processes and customer needs in the airline sector, as well as leading GDS and CRS systems. State-of-the-art solutions built by INI for airline/airport customers have helped them to improve their operational efficiency and overall profitability. This has enabled them to remain globally competitive and achieve sustainable growth in the airline industry.

Our focus is to develop, devise and implement cutting-edge software solutions that make airline and airport operations simpler, smoother and more financially efficient.

Type of Industry Focus Aviation services:

• Marketing
• Reservations
• Revenue Systems
• Sales



INI’s Retail centric offerings touch each and every spectrum of the industry. Our myriad experiences in cross-functional software and business processes related to Retail have enabled us to establish a Retail framework which services every aspect of this industry.

Our solution offerings for Retailers touch their every business bottle-neck, be it Demand Management & Just-In-time ordering, Point-Of-Sale Automations with integrated Branch Offices, Customer Centric Transaction Processing with Targeted Dialog Generation or Retail Analytics.
In the widely competitive world, differentiators can only be in the form of strong Supply Chain to minimize expenditures in manufacturing, sourcing and logistics; and Customer Centric Transactional Approaches to maximize revenue earning consistently and incrementally.


Type of Industry Focus Aviation services:

• Supply Chain
• Retail CRM
• POS Solutions
• E-Commerce