Computers are moving from 4GL to Artificial Intelligence at an earth-shattering, heart-shaking, goose-pimpled pace.
So lets take-off without fastening seat belts, searching for brakes, using speed as an inspiration!

Today, we can interact with machines and everything is talking at once. Pictures. Words. Sound. Animation. We can speak
in oh-so-many languages, in oh-that-many dialects and create oh-is-it-real art forms that interact with the collapsible world
as it races into the next millennium. Let your multimedia presentations tell the world that tomorrow actually comes!

3D graphics that you can reach out and touch!
It’s about putting life where it belongs – in life. Life that’s not dead. Life that does not merely stand and stare back when
you marvel at it. Life that gets up, reaches out and grabs you (kicks you if it has to!). And before you know it you are floored. Anything else is not 3D for us!